Black History Month 2023

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February 2023 marks the observance of Black History Month, an annual celebration of the achievements, contributions, and history (past and present) of Black Americans.

The COVID-19 era, in conjunction with the fight for social justice reform across the United States, has made celebrating the strength and resilience of the Black community even more important. Socioeconomic factors including poverty, mass incarceration, and the United States’ history of discrimination and racism, continue to result in a lack of adequate mental health care in populations needing these vital services. Our Network remains committed to addressing these needs and improving mental health services for Black communities.

Across our Network, Centers are celebrating this month by hosting several events and sharing resources for mental health professionals, the community, and allies.

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Upcoming Events from MHTTC Network



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Feb 1: So You Want To Be An Ally (recording coming soon!)



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Feb 14: Rites & Rituals: Bringing a Cultural Lens to Positive Youth Development for Black Girls




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Feb 22: Peer Support Series, Session 2: Setting the Stage for Creating Safe Spaces




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Feb 23: Management of Psychotic Disorders in the Black Community




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Feb 7-28: Learning Community: Examining Bias and Ideologies to Improve Care (registration now closed)




Resources from the MHTTC Network 

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