Crisis Response, Management & Recovery: Live Learning Community for Region 10 Providers with Dr. Kira Mauseth and Salsabiel Alzubaidi

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This Learning Community for providers in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington will engage in depth with up-to-date research, strategies and implementation ideas for crisis response, management, and recovery. We will discuss and engage with each of the following topics over the course of four 75-minute sessions. Region 10 providers were notified via a direct digital mailing of the opportunity to apply for this Learning Community.


Who's Eligible to Apply?

  • This training is for providers in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington only. 


How does the Learning Community work?

  • Each session will be interactive with everyone on camera and speaking--plan on engaging!
  • Please plan to attend all four sessions as learning builds across the sessions and space is limited.


Learning Objectives 

Participants in the Crisis Response, Management and Recovery Learning Community will be able to:

  1. Apply de-escalation techniques and interventions in a culturally informed and inclusive way.
  2. Understand more about developmental, family, cultural and situational factors that influence communication in crisis or times of stress.
  3. Engage with crisis management techniques that are specific for healthcare workers, with attention to the latest evidence-based research.





Dr. Kira Mauseth


Dr. Kira  Mauseth is a practicing clinical psychologist who splits her professional time between seeing patients at Snohomish Psychology Associates, teaching as a Senior Instructor at Seattle University and serving as a co-lead for the Behavioral Health Strike Team for the WA State Department of Health. She also serves on the state’s Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC). Her work and research interests focus on resilience and recovery from trauma as well as well as disaster behavioral health. She has worked abroad extensively in disaster response and with first responders and health care workers throughout United States. Dr. Mauseth also conducts trainings and provides presentations to organizations and educational groups about disaster preparedness and resilience building within local communities.


Salsabiel Alzubaidi headshotSALSABIEL ALZUBAIDI, MA

Salsabiel Alzubaidi is a skilled and dynamic educational programming professional with extensive experience leading engaging programs focusing on diversity and inclusion and social justice. Ms. Alzubaidi is passionate about empowering youth in the field of education. Currently, she works at Seattle University as the first non-Christian Campus Minister for Social Justice. Also, she worked at the international student center at Seattle University to enhance international students' learning experience. Ms. Alzubaidi worked with refugee youth in refugee camps and host communities in Jordan through various educational programs to build their sense of belonging and resiliency. Besides that, she helped and empowered marginalized youth to apply for scholarships and universities worldwide. She is driving performance and transformation through training and development efforts. 




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