Washington ACT ECHO pilot for Oregon teams

The Northwest MHTTC invites Oregon ACT teams to join the Washington State ACT ECHO Clinic for a pilot trial starting in April!


Background and Training Opportunity:  The University of Washington ACT Training Team currently uses an ECHO Clinic teleconsultation model to provide ongoing training and consultation to ACT teams in Washington State. ECHO Clinics occur monthly, typically on the 2nd Wednesday via web-based meetings from 12-1:30 pm.

Each ECHO Clinic is composed of the following format:


  • Didactic training (tentative didactics schedule attached)
    • Topics are mutually selected by ACT teams in collaboration with training team and based on fidelity reviews that indicate common training needs
  • Case presentation by one ACT team, followed by consultation recommendations from other ACT teams and the training team
    • Provides an opportunity for in-depth consultation from other teams with similar clinical or situational challenges
    • Facilitates a learning community for ACT practice
  • Ad hoc consultation to any ACT team with consultation questions
  • Opportunities to share other announcements, team updates, and informal networking with fellow ACT teams


Participation Details:  We will host up to 8 Oregon ACT teams on our current ECHO Clinic calls so that we can learn more from them, they can learn from us and try out this approach to consultation, and we can think together how we can best meet the training needs of ACT teams in our region by leveraging training tools like ECHO.


Participation includes:

  • An orientation call with Washington ACT trainers to better understand the ECHO clinic and case presentation protocol. Feedback gathered at the orientation will help tailor the didactic training schedule to the teams’ needs during this pilot trial.
  • Participation in a brief survey of the team’s IT needs. We will send teams all needed equipment free of charge.
  • Active participation by the majority of the team members in monthly consultation calls April through September, 2019 (6 months).
  • Completion of at least one case presentation and/or ad hoc consultation over the course of the six-month pilot.
  • Completion of an evaluation questionnaire of the training experience and what they learned toward the end of the six-month trial, and 30 days after completion.


Participants will receive 6 continuing education contacts hours at completion of the six-month ECHO Clinic pilot.


Starts: Apr 17, 2019 12:00 pm
Ends: Sep 11, 2019 1:30 pm
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April 10, 2019
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Virtual TA Session
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