LGBTQ+ Pride Month

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In celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, our Network shares our resources supporting LGBTQ+ mental health. These resources are for professionals, the community, and allies.

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Upcoming Events

June 6

Latinx LGBTQ+ : The Consequences of Intersectionality

June 21 

Supporting the Mental Health of Transgender People

June 23

Creating Affirming Environments for LGBTQ People Receiving Services

Resources from the MHTTC Network 

Addressing Our Bias when Working with the LGBT+ Community Part I: Identifying Our Bias and its Impact on Our Work

Addressing Our Bias when Working with the LGBTQ+ Community Part II: Understanding Health Disparities Among the LGBTQ community

Addressing Our Bias when Working with the LGBTQ+ Community Part III

Crisis Care Guide: Mental Health Equity in Underserved Populations

Diversity & Difference | Podcast

Diversity Talk: Using Data for Equity

Engaging LGBT Elders in Prevention Programs

Equity, Recovery, & Resilience | Recorded Webinar

Gender-Affirming Practices in Primary Care

How to Signal You are an Affirming Provider & How to Respond When a Young Person Discloses their SOGIE

La Comunidad Latina LGBT+: las consecuencias de la interseccionalidad y el uso del Modelo Afirmativo en el trabajo con poblaciones latinx

LGBT Elders after COVID: Healing, Emerging, Connecting Recording

LGBTQ Youth Tobacco Prevention: COVID-19 and Lung Vulnerability Recording

Managing Anxiety and Depression for LGBTQ Populations During COVID-19 Recording

Putting It Together: Transgender Mental Health | Podcast

Safety Planning for LGBTQ+ Students

Sexual and Gender Minority (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Non-binary, and Queer) Youth

Supporting Families of LGBTQ+ Students

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Schools Part 1: Understanding the school experiences of LGBTQ+ students

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Schools Part 2: Improving the School Experiences of LGBTQ+ Students

Supporting the Resilience of Young LGBTQA+ Black, Indigenous, and People of Color: A Let’s Talk About Resilience conversation

The Latinx LGBT+ Community: The consequences of Intersectionality and the Use of the Affirmative Model for Latinx Populations

Transgender Mental Health: Co-Conspiratorship | Q&A Document

Transgender Mental Health: Co-Conspiratorship | Recorded Webinar

Other Resources and Information

Bending the Mold: An Action Kit for Transgender Students

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Advancing Health Equity During Pride Month

Center of Excellence in LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Equity

E-Learning Modules

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Lambda Legal

LGBTQ+ Youth and Family Website

Mental Health America: LGBTQ+ page 

SAMHSA: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+)

Support for LGBTQ Youth Starts at Home: An #AsYouAre Project

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