Making It Stick: A Practical Approach to Dissemination and Implementation

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At a time when SAMHSA is looking to drive real change in practice, dissemination and implementation (D&I) science can help. The purpose of this three-session learning community was to build capacity of the TTCs to use D&I science in planning technical assistance and training activities, with the goal of increasing the impact of these activities to change practice. Each 90-minute session is a mix of didactic presentations, case studies, and peer discussions.

Learning Objectives

  • Define dissemination and implementation (D&I) science.
  • Implementation Stages: How D&I science can help guide the development of training and TA topics, activities, formats, evaluation, etc., based on implementation stage and readiness.
  • Context: How to understand the drivers and barriers (context) and readiness for implementation, and how those factors impact your decisions about level of TA.
  • Strategies: Mapping out specific implementation/technical assistance strategies and adjusting to any challenges encountered.
  • Evaluation: Analyze how key concepts from D&I science can assist TTCs in evaluating technical assistance and training activities.

Session Recordings and Slide Decks

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