Mental Health Awareness Month


Millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. That is why in May, hundreds of organizations across the country are raising awareness about mental health. Inspire others to raise awareness and take part in sharing information, resources, and support for mental health conditions. Below we share upcoming events and free resources from our Network in addition to other resources from national organizations. Want to receive updates about mental health resources and training opportunities past Mental Health Awareness Month? Subscribe to our Network's and your Regional Center's newsletters today!

MHTTC Upcoming Events

May 2— 

Mental Health Workforce Diversity Leadership Series

May 3—

Bringing Youth Voice Into Your Work: A Question & Answer Session with PATCH (Providers and Teens Connecting for Health)

Family Therapy for Mental Health Presenting Problems in Hispanic and Latino Adolescents Training of Trainers (ToT)

May 4—

Foundational Skills of Motivational Interviewing

Supporting Resilience: Culturally Sensitive & Developmentally Appropriate Assessment & Interventions from Infancy to Adolescence, Part 9: Screeners: Choice, Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation for Children

Using NIATx to Strengthen Your Workforce: Building a Culture of Workplace Wellness & Engagement to Support RHRP

May 8— 

Session 1 of Rising Practices & Policies Revisited - 988 Turns One! How Did it Go and How Can it Grow?

May 11— 

Depression and Anxiety: MH Tools for Providers working with College-aged Youth

May 15— 

Organizational Well-being (In-person Community of Practice)

May 16— 

Mental Health Workforce Diversity Leadership Series

Peer Respite Series Part 1

Suicide: Clinical Treatments and Traditional Healing Practices for Hispanic & Latinx and Non-Latino American Indian/Alaska Native Youth

May 17— 

An Interprofessional Tool for Perinatal Mental Health

Trans 101 & Working with Families of Trans and Non-Binary Youth- A Two-Part Workshop Series for Mental Health Providers

May 18— 

NIATx Virtual Change Leader Academy (May 2023)

What does lived experience really mean and why is it important?

May 19— 

More than a DSM Code: Addressing Stigma Experienced by Families

May 22— 

Speaker Series: Dr. Eddie Fergus: The Climate of Educator Bias-based Beliefs Effect on MTSS Implementation

May 23— 

Lessons in Survival and Healing: Understanding the Difference and Why it Matters

May 24— 

Trans 101 & Working with Families of Trans and Non-Binary Youth- A Two-Part Workshop Series for Mental Health Providers

May 30—

Mental Health Workforce Diversity Leadership Series

Understanding and Addressing Race-Related Stress and Trauma for Black Americans

School-Based Mental Health Screening - Part 2: How Do We Respond? Legal and Ethical Follow-Up for School Mental Health Screening

May 31 

Aging Out or Growing Together?: Navigating Barriers to Service and Client/Participant Resistance in Case-Management-Session 4

Free Resources from the MHTTC

General Mental Health

School Mental Health

Classroom WISE is a FREE 3-part training package that assists K-12 educators and school personnel in supporting the mental health of students in the classroom. Developed by the MHTTC Network in partnership with the National Center for School Mental Health, this package offers evidence-based strategies and skills to engage and support students experiencing adversity and distress. In addition to a free online course on mental health literacy for educators and school personnel, a video library and resource collection are also available! Access the complete Classroom WISE training package here.

Cultural Inclusiveness and Equity WISE: A Companion Course

A new companion course to Classroom WISE, Classroom WISE: Cultural Inclusiveness and Equity WISE (Well-Being Information and Strategies for Educators), is now available! In this 2-hour self-paced, online course, developed by the Central East MHTTC in partnership with the National Center for School Mental Health, educators will learn how inequities in education impact student mental health and how implicit bias influences our perceptions and responses. Building on this foundation, educators will learn culturally inclusive classroom strategies to support student mental health. 

Other Resources from National Organizations

npw 2023

National Prevention Week is a national public education platform showcasing the work of communities and organizations across the country dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of substance misuse prevention and positive mental health.


SAMHSA invites you to get involved by sharing your #MyPreventionStory on social media, downloading their planning toolkitpromoting National Prevention Week, and telling them about your own prevention event.

For more information and access to SAMHSA's NPW events and resources, click here.

older adult

samhsa child mental health banner

One in five children struggle with mental illness but few receive treatment. Observing this day helps to end stigma and discrimination about mental health in children and youth. Below are resources related to children's mental health awareness.

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