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This webinar hosted by the Southeast MHTTC will examine suicide prevention in health care settings. It will compare progress that has been made in reducing cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths with the lack of progress in reducing suicide deaths. Interventions that have reduced CVD deaths will be compared with interventions that are available to reduce suicide […]
Published: 09/18/2019
Recovery Month is a national observance held every September to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with mental and substance use disorders to live healthy and rewarding lives. Now in its 30th year, Recovery Month celebrates the gains made by those in recovery. Save the following dates for SAMHSA's […]
Published: 09/13/2019
The American Psychological Association recently released a new depression treatment resource, Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Depression Across Three Age Cohorts. The guideline recommends interventions for the treatment of depression in children and adolescents, adults, and older adults. Recommendations are based on a systematic review of the scientific evidence, a weighing of the benefits and harms […]
Published: 09/05/2019
SAMHSA has released the latest data findings from the 2018 NSDUH. NSDUH provides estimates of the use of illegal substances, prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, as well as mental disorders, treatment, and co-occurring substance use and mental disorders in the United States. NSDUH data also help to identify the extent of substance use and mental […]
Published: 08/20/2019
SAMHSA Sponsored Webinar about Mental Health in Schools  Learn how emotional regulation is related to mental illness, tools you can use to support children master emotional understanding and control, and how to pay for programs that support social emotional learning. August 30th 12:30pm Eastern Time, the RAND Corporation will dive into how to get mental […]
Published: 08/20/2019
School administrators, faculty, and support staff are facing increasing pressure to respond to a host of unmet mental health needs of students in K-12 and higher education. In response, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released a resource to assist states and […]
Published: 08/13/2019
Police, firefighters, and emergency medical services (EMS) professionals work in fast-paced environments, often putting in long hours and sometimes facing highly stressful and dangerous situations. This intensity can affect life at home and families of first responders. The following resources from the Disaster Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) provide various methods of support for first responders and […]
Published: 08/09/2019
On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 9:00 – 10:00am ET, the Northeast and Caribbean MHTTC is hosting the following free webinar: Youth Suicide: Early Detection of Warning Signs and Identifying Risk Factors. Suicide is a complex issue and usually an intimidating topic to talk about. This webinar is an introduction to suicide prevention for school personnel. […]
Published: 08/09/2019
This webinar will introduce the K-12 Toolkit for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention. This Toolkit was created by the Health Care Alliance for Response to Adolescent Depression (HEARD) in 2013 (updated in 2017), in response to a need for schools to promote student mental health and wellbeing, to prevent suicide and, in particular, how to respond […]
Published: 07/24/2019
Please join SAMHSA’s Homeless and Housing Resource Network (HHRN) for a 2-day national online conversation about the most effective approaches to ending homelessness for individuals with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders. The Way Home: A Virtual Summit on Homelessness, Serious Mental Illness, and Substance Use Disorders will take place August 7-8, 2019, 10:30 […]
Published: 07/23/2019
SAMHSA and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a new joint informational bulletin, Guidance to States and School Systems on Addressing Mental Health and Substance Use Issues in Schools. This guidance includes examples of approaches for mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) related treatment services in schools, and describes some of […]
Published: 07/01/2019
This 45-minute video interview presentation created by Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC), representing HHS Region VIII, is a professional learning tool to explore how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect the human population. Director of Mountain Plains MHTTC, Professor Thomasine Heitkamp, interviews a national expert on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Dr. Donald Warne, who […]
Published: 06/20/2019
There are longstanding concerns about whether the mental health workforce has been adequately trained and is large enough to the meet the diverse needs of this country’s population. The concerns have become more acute as a strong U.S. economy drives greater recruitment and retention problems in this field. This webinar, sponsored by the MHTTC Network […]
Published: 05/31/2019
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