Our Mission

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Our mission is to ensure that American Indians and Alaska Natives have ready access to high-quality, evidence-based and experience-based, culturally appropriate, and self-directed behavioral health services and recovery supports - provided through a collaborative and integrative network of care - that effectively improves health and well-being.


The National American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Technology Transfer Center strengthens and promotes systematic behavioral health practice changes that both honor and contribute to the health and well-being of American Indian & Alaska Native communities, tribes, and individuals. At our center, we support effective approaches for including the rich diversity of American Indian and Alaska Native peoples’ culturally-based ways of knowing in the:


Building of collaborative relationships and networks;

Supporting of research and dissemination of knowledge that expand the broad base of treatment and behavioral health services;

Strengthening of standards of care and programming options;

Development of leadership within an expanding service workforce;

Renovation of a sustainable organizational infrastructure;

and Supporting integration of tradition-based healing practices.


We are here, because of those who came before us, to work on behalf of American Indians and Alaska Natives. We draw upon the diverse and unique cultures, ceremonies, customs, and teachings of American Indians and Alaska Natives for strength, wisdom, and guidance. We uphold traditional and integrative approaches to health and self-care and strive to achieve a balance in our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. At our Center, we focus on creating positive change by continuously striving to be:


Welcoming and inclusive,

Respectful and generous,

Nurturing and caring,

Hopeful and empowering,

Meaningful and authentic,

Contemporary and traditional,

Proactive and adaptable,

Knowledge and strength-based,

Recovery and solution-oriented,

and Accessible.

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