NHL booklet

New Booklet for Providers Serving Hispanic and Latino Populations

Publication Date: Nov 16, 2020

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported only 11.5% Latinx representation in education and health services, and around 5% of United States psychologists are Hispanic or Latinx.

Developed by the National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC, the provider booklet, National Hispanic Heritage Month Part II: The Experience of Being a Non-Latino Mental Health Professional Who Works with Latinx Clients: Providing Appropriate Transcultural Care, is designed to increase health equity among Latinx populations. This booklet describes approaches to enlist non-Latinx providers to address Latinx health and behavioral health inequities and provide strategies to increase the competency and proficiency of all providers who work with Latinx communities. Several strategies described to increase cultural responsiveness among non-Latinx providers include exploring cultural themes like diversity, language, personalismo, and compromiso and using the ADDRESSING Cultural Differences Sketch to approach cultural diversity during therapy sessions. 

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