National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC

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Religion, Spirituality and Traditional Healing Practices

Hispanic and Latinx Cultural Values Series
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Hispanic and Latinx Cultural Values Series
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Personalismo – Formal Friendliness

Hispanic and Latinx Cultural Values Series
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Hispanic and Latinx Cultural Values Series
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National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC

Our mission is to provide high-quality training and technical assistance to improve the capacity of the workforce serving Hispanic and Latino communities in behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery. We disseminate and support the implementation of evidence-based and promising practices to enhance service delivery, promote the growth of a diverse, culturally competent workforce, and bridge access to quality behavioral health services. We are committed to increasing health equity and access to effective culturally and linguistically grounded approaches.


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SAMHSA: Using Cuento to Support the Behavioral Health Needs of Hispanic/Latinos

Flyer Suicidio

Conferencia: El suicidio en Puerto Rico: Estrategias de prevención en…




Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up: Culturally Responsive Approaches to Support Latino Families…

November 28, 2022 1 PM | ET Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up (ABC), to build resilience in


Barreras estructurales en el cuidado de la salud mental entre las poblaciones latinas: Medios, estrategias y recursos para mejorar los servicios

Esta hoja informativa aborda las barreras estructurales para recibir servicios de atención de salud mental accesibles y receptivos (p. ej

Structural Barriers in Mental Health Care among Latinx Populations: Means, Strategies, and Resources to Improve Access and Services

This factsheet addresses structural barriers to receiving accessible and responsive mental health care services (e.g., lack of culturally and

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