November is Native American Heritage Month




The month of November is a time to celebrate the rich cultures, histories, and traditions of Native people. We commemorate this month by focusing on remembering the past and raising awareness of the customs and struggles of Native people through their history. The MHTTC joins other national organizations to raise awareness on this topic and to educate others. ​

Below, we share resources from our Network that address the culture, resilience, and history of Native people and their communities. 

Please note: As SAMHSA pivots towards having Centers of Excellence for historically underrepresented populations, our National American Indian and Alaska Native and National Hispanic MHTTC transitioned out of our MHTTC Network as of September 29, 2023. Beginning September 30, 2023, the American Indian and Alaska Native Behavioral Health Center of Excellence serves as a resource for behavioral health agencies to better serve and advocate for Native populations. We are grateful for the outstanding contributions of our former National American Indian and Alaska Native MHTTC, their resources continue to be available on our website, and some are listed below. 

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MHTTC Resources



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