Organizational Wellbeing: Mastering the Mechanics of Accountability

8:00am - March 11, 2024 thru 5:00pm - March 12, 2024 | Timezone: US/Mountain
Mountain Plains MHTTC

Denver, CO
United States

Registration Deadline: February 9, 2024
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This is a two day in-person training. Please register by February 9!

Event Description

Location: Denver, Colorado. Details will be emailed pending enrollment 

Costs: Hotel room, workshop registration, and related materials are provided free of charge by the Mountain Plains MHTTC. The participant will be responsible for travel and meal expenses. 

Are we, as leaders, truly doing what we can to drive accountability on our teams? Join us for an experiential workshop where we explore what goes into creating and sustaining teams filled with empowered, accountable individuals. Do you know your critical few, the things that absolutely must get done this year for your team and organization to be successful?  Have you meaningfully communicated that and your related expectations to your employees more than once or twice? Are you measuring progress, celebrating wins, and managing breakdowns in follow-through? This workshop is designed to equip leaders with the tools needed to set expectations, drive accountability, and inspire their teams to achieve outstanding results. 
Participants will: 

  • Explore the concept of accountability and its impact on personal and team performance 

  • Get clear on what your team truly needs to achieve and where their focus should be 

  • Dig into techniques for setting clear, achievable, and measurable expectations 

  • Gain practical insights into holding individuals accountable for their responsibilities 

  • Discover effective monitoring strategies to ensure progress and identify areas for improvement 

  • Discuss techniques for providing constructive feedback and addressing performance gaps 

  • Address common barriers to accountability and discover strategies to overcome them 


Laurel Smylie


Laurel Smylie is an organization development consultant, coach, speaker, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Four Letter Consulting. Over the course of her career, she has supported household names like Hyatt and Bridgestone evolving their cultures and creating and maintaining high-trust workplaces. She has partnered with organizations like SAG-AFTRA and VRBO in developing and rolling out their organizational values. In her time at Great Place to Work, the organization responsible for  FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies to Work For list, Laurel evaluated company submissions while also supported executive teams in times of transition and organizations in building cultures that serve as competitive advantages. She believes that where you start does not predict where you can go, having supported “toxic” leaders in their transformation to brave leadership, just as she has helped some of the strongest leaders continue to refine their capabilities. Whether a name brand or an organization of 25 people, whatever the industry (and she’s worked in them all), Laurel meets her clients where they are and brings her passion to their unique journey. Whether working with individual managers, functional teams, leadership teams or entire organizations, Laurel can help your team be honest about what’s real, define a clear and inspiring vision and support you in bringing that vision to fruition.