A Maternal Health Desert

Publication Date: Nov 17, 2022

"Cassandra Big Crow was strapped to a gurney as paramedics slid her into the belly of a yellow and blue helicopter, its blades whisking the air. At 37 weeks pregnant, she was so thrilled to meet her little boy that she had painted her finger and toenails baby blue. But now, as life-saving equipment beeped and blinked inches from her nose, Big Crow’s mind spun at what this unexpected medical emergency might cost her, an uninsured South Dakotan living in a maternal health desert."


Folks that live in rural areas face many challenges when seeking all kinds of healthcare. Mental health, medical attention, and perinatal services all become more difficult and potentially more costly when you live outside an urban area. For those experiencing emergencies like Cassandra Big Crow, it can be downright scary. Read more about Cassandra's experience in South Dakota by clicking here.