Role of the Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center

The Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (Northwest MHTTC) provides training and technical assistance (TA) in evidence-based practices (EBP) to behavioral health and primary care providers, and school and social service staff whose work has the potential to improve behavioral health outcomes for individuals with or at risk of developing serious mental illness in SAMHSA’s Region 10 (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) 


Our Goals 

  • Ensure availability and delivery of free, publicly-available training and TA to Region 10 providers.  

  • Heighten awareness, knowledge, and skills of the workforce addressing the needs of individuals with mental illness. 

  • Accelerate adoption and implementation of mental health-related EBPs across Region 10.  

  • Foster alliances among culturally diverse mental health providers, policy makers, family members, and clients.  


What Services We Will Offer 

The Northwest MHTTC will offer three broad tiers of training to the Region 10 workforce in an effort to ensure both breadth and depth of training the workforce in our region. Tiers correspond with reach, with lower tiers having a broader reach, and intensity, with high tiers consisting of more time- and resource-intensive implementation efforts: 

  • Tier 1 (“Universal”) activities aim to have a broad reach in our region. Our goal for these activities is to broadly disseminate resources that will increase exposure to evidence-based, empirically-informed, and best practices.  

  • Tier 2 (“Targeted”) activities aim to dive deeper, by providing training and/or follow-up support to groups of providers through in-person and web-supported longitudinal training on foundational evidence-based approaches. 

  • Tier 3 (“Intensive”) activities aim to promote the adoption and sustainability of evidence-based interventions by augmenting training with support for practice change at the clinic or organizational and provider levels. 


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University of Washington Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

The Northwest MHTTC is housed within the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in Seattle. The department provides a rich culture of research, educational excellence, collaboration and shared values for the Center.