Rooting Young Adult Mental Health Services in Culturally Sustaining Values & Practices

Centering Supports for Young Adults of Transitional Age


This program is centered on services and supports for youth and young adults of transition age. Co-facilitated by the Pacific Southwest MHTTC’s Youth & Young Adult Program Team Leads, Evelyn Clark and Oriana Ides, this four-part series offers a forum for dialogue to deepen practitioner’s ability to provide healing care to transitional-aged young people who access mental health and community-based services in Region 9 and beyond.


Through generative conversation, expert panel discussions, active learning experiences, and the exploration of tangible action steps, we will expand our existing orientation to the work we do with transitional aged youth to encompass a more culturally sustaining and affirming approach. Pulling from the powerful work of Shawn Ginwright, we will amplify the ways in which a healing-centered approach dismantles the notion that trauma is simply an individual, isolated experience, while highlighting the ways trauma and healing are experienced collectively.  This series will also draw from the valuable scholarship and practice of Rodrick Watts, Virgil Morehead, Monique Morris and Gloria Lansing Billings.


Program Goals 

  1. Counter the impacts of vicarious trauma and burn out by creating a safe and responsive learning community for the YYA workforce to be heard and seen in their efforts to support the holistic needs of their clientele. 
  2. Build an understanding of healing centered engagement and approaches to youth development and case management that strengthens service provision for transition-aged youth.
  3. Expand our organizational and individual capacity to support young adult holistic wellness, critical consciousness development, and collective healing.



All community-based organizations, institutions, and mental health professionals, including peer support specialists, therapists, psychologists, counselors, and others who support the mental health and wellness of transition-aged youth.


Series Sequence 

Each session is held from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. PT, fourth Wednesdays of the month, from February to May, 2024.  


Wednesday, February 28
Trauma-Informed Care Meets Healing-Centered Care

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Wednesday, March 27
Challenging Oppression in Healing Work

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Wednesday, April 24
Uplifting Culturally Sustaining Practices in Substance Use Prevention

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Wednesday, May 22
Honoring and Supporting Peer Support in Healing-Centered Approaches

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Meet the Co-Facilitators & Faculty 


Evelyn Clark, CPC (she/hers)

Evelyn Clark is a Mexican-Native American woman specializing in Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, leadership development, and peer support. She has 15 years of experience serving young people and their families impacted by systems of care. Evelyn is a Certified Peer Counselor, a Justice-Impacted Professional, and a National Consultant. She has dedicated her career to dismantling racism within Youth and Family serving systems. She is a proud recipient of the 2019 Peer Alternatives Youth and Young Adult Leadership Award and the 2023 Peer-O-Award for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Social Justice. Evelyn’s mission is to end racial and ethnic disparities within care systems and create leadership opportunities for the BIPOC workforce.



Oriana Ides, MA, APCC, PPS (she/hers)

Oriana Ides is a School Mental Health Training Specialist at CARS (the Center for Applied Research Solutions) and approaches healing the wounds of trauma and oppression as core elements of social justice. She has worked with young people across the life course from elementary school to college, and has served as teacher-leader, school counselor, classroom educator and program director. She is committed to generating equity within school structures and policies by focusing on evidence-based mental health techniques and institutional design.