Workshop 6 - The Heart Work: Equity-Centered Coaching Practices for Trauma-Informed Collegiality and Collective Healing

WEDNESDAY, April 24, 2024

2:30 - 4:00 p.m. PT
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Workshop 6 of 6 in the "Trauma-Informed, In School Sessions" Workshop Series (view series page for full details)

The Heart Work: Equity-Centered Coaching Practices for Trauma Informed Collegiality and Collective Healing
Trauma Informed Principle to Practice: Cultural Humility

As systemic inequities and trauma are often intertwined, addressing their connection becomes crucial in trauma-informed school communities. Centering equity in every student interaction and adult partnership supporting the school system is essential. The capacity for the adults responsible for implementing trauma-informed practices grounded in equity is nurtured through equity-centered coaching.


In this workshop, we will explore the principles of equity-centered coaching to cultivate trauma-informed school environments. Coaching conversations, grounded in active listening, cultural humility, and psychological safety, model the equitable interactions we hope administrators have with educators and providers so that educators and providers can offer the same experience with their students.


Together, we will examine our own identities, assumptions, patterns, and beliefs - creating space for new perspectives. This self-reflection enables us to recognize how inequities and trauma manifest in our schools. As we build self-awareness about our experiences and worldviews, we become better able to perceive concerning dynamics and interrupt cycles of harm.


This workshop invites us to envision the trauma-informed and healing-centered schools we desire – places where adults possess the tools to nurture their well-being and fully empower students. We will review evidence-based tools, rationale, and resources to foster cultural humility, mitigate systemic barriers, and build trusting partnerships across the school community.



Audience:  Educators, school site leaders, school mental health professionals, youth advocates, teacher educators, school mental health graduate school educators, higher education administrators, and anyone interested in equity centered coaching in school cultures.



Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith, M.S. (she/hers) is the newest member of the Pacific Southwest MHTTC team. As a licensed collegiate and postgraduate professional, Melissa comprehends the immense influence education can have on cultivating safe, inclusive, and engaging learning spaces that amplify voices which often go unheard. As a licensed collegiate and postgraduate professional, Melissa understands education's profound impact on ability to challenge existing norms and perceptions, amplifying the voices of those from marginalized communities.


As a Change Consultant with Change Matrix, Melissa crafts transformative learning experiences that foster personal and professional growth. Her commitment extends beyond conventions as she envisions landscapes where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to thrive. She uses her scholarly knowledge to create safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environments.  Her methodology empowers people and organizations to question the status quo, utilize data-driven insights, and take tangible actions to create more equitable and inclusive environments.


A passionate professional with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Science in Reading from Radford University, Melissa encourages us to move beyond comfort zones to dismantle systemic barriers hindering social, emotional and mental health.



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