Managing Anxiety & The Return To Schools


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Part 1: Supporting Students with Anxiety in the Classroom

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

The rate of anxiety among students and staff is increasing with the return to in-person learning during the ongoing pandemic. Explore evidence-based strategies that mitigate the problematic anxiety within schools.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify common ways in which anxiety presents in school settings including in-person and online formats.
  2. Learn empirically-supported strategies to reduce problematic anxiety.
  3. Describe school-based approaches for anxiety that encourage and reinforce empirically- supported strategies (approach to anxious situations vs. avoidance).

Presentation Materials:

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Part 2: Anxiety In Schools Toolkit

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Drs. Kendra Read and Jennifer Blossom invite school mental health clinicians, administrators and educators to explore FAST (First Approach Skills Training) Program, which they helped develop at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

FAST programs are designed to provide brief, evidence-based behavioral therapy for youth and families with common mental health concerns, in settings such as primary care clinics or schools where longer-term treatment is not typically provided.

FAST for Anxiety (FAST-A) 

FAST-A provides cutting-edge exposure-based treatment for anxiety in a brief, easy to use, workbook-guided format. FAST-A can be delivered in as few as four sessions, or in an open-ended way. The two-page educational caregiver handout can be given out by primary care or school-based providers as a first step in care. Some families may also benefit from using the FAST-A workbook independently when access to a counselor is limited.


FAST-A Materials 

  • Two-page anxiety education handout for parents/caregivers (all ages) (English) (Spanish)
  • Child and caregiver FAST-A workbook (ages 7–11) (English) (Spanish)
  • Teen and caregiver FAST-A workbook (ages 12–18) (English) (Spanish)


FAST-Anxiety Handouts (From the Workbook)


FAST also has approaches for behavior (FAST-B), depression (FAST-D), and parenting teens (FAST-P). More information on those approaches as well as assessment tools, worksheets, and other resources can be found here.


Program materials were developed by child and adolescent psychologists Drs. Nat Jungbluth, Erin Gonzalez, Kendra Read, Jennifer Blossom, Jessica Jenness and Maggie Sibley, with funding support from the Washington State Healthcare Authority. 

Video Overview of FAST Programs: First Approach Skills Training (FAST) - Introduction Video 

Free on-demand training videos may be found here!


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