School Based Mental Health

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In addition to regular training activities and special areas of focus, the Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (Northwest) has received funding to support increased training and technical assistance for school mental health in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. To operationalize this support Northwest has partnered with the University of Washington School Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training (SMART) Center, a national leader in developing and supporting implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs) in schools, including prevention, early intervention, and intensive supports. 

The Northwest School Mental Health (SMH) and Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Training and Technical Assistance (TA) Center, within the UW SMART Center, supports youth and young adults of school age who have been exposed to violence, are experiencing a mental health disorder, or at risk of developing such a disorder. 

The primary center goals are:

  • Provide training and technical assistance on implementation of mental health services in schools and school systems. 
    • Offer a wide range of in-person and online, free and low-cost professional learning opportunities for school staff and community providers (webinars, regional trainings, access to online curricula). 
    • Customize training for Region 10 in Center for School Mental health (CSMH) School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation (SHAPE) System. 
    • Develop web-based learning modules for Interconnected Systems Framework.


  • Build infrastructure and create learning communities. 
    • Build Northwest Region School Mental Health and MTSS TA Center board of advisors and school mental health team.
    • Increase efficiency of communication with region.
      • Create a region-wide information distribution list and communicate training opportunities and resources through monthly newsletters.
      • Build website specific to school mental health training and resources.
    • Design and Implement School Mental Health Learning community.
      • Focus on comprehensive evidence-based SMH practices. 
      • Create member web portal, distribute newsletters, resources, and tools.
      • Provide organizational consultation, in-person and online learning sessions, coaching and case consultations.


  • Support educational leaders to promote mental health for ALL.
    • Meet with school leaders across the region to assess needs and provide training, mentoring, and technical assistance.
    • Mobilize leadership through SMART Center developed Helping Educational Leadership Mobilize Evidence (HELM) system.


“Northwest PBIS Network's regional work has been leveraged by our connection to the Northwest Region School Mental Health and MTSS Training and TA Center that is part of the Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center. We were able to provide a comprehensive school mental health strand at our 2019 conference, drawing in record attendance. We're also poised to dive deeper into regional collaborations, and break down some persistent obstacles to establishing a true system of care for students in our public schools.”  Jessica Swain-Bradway, PhD, Executive Director, Northwest PBIS Network



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For more information, contact:

Kelcey Schmitz, MSEd
MTSS/School Mental Health Training and Technical Assistance Specialist