MHTTC School Mental Health Activities

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 The MHTTC Network has planned a variety of school mental health-specific activities that encompass multiple service modes, topic areas, and populations. From disseminating information on school mental health services to holding learning events to build awareness and skills, our MHTTCs are working hard to expand training and technical assistance around the implementation of school-based mental health services.

In addition to specific evidence-based practices for school mental health (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools [CBITS], Positive Behavior Intervention and Support [PBIS]), MHTTCs have planned activities around the following school mental health topics:

  • Financing and sustaining school mental health services
  • School mental health engagement, assessment, intervention, and triage models
  • Measurement and feedback in school mental health
  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with students
  • School-based wraparound
  • Web-based curricula for anxiety and depression for high school students
  • Assessment of school mental health services in school districts or states, including the School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation (SHAPE) System
  • Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Infrastructure and Services (CLAS), accessibility and cultural competence
  • Implementation science and process improvement
  • Trauma-informed care

The MHTTCs recognize the importance of collaboration and engagement across the education and mental health fields. As such, many of the planned school mental health activities involve collaboration with local school staff and administrators, as well as state level mental health and education authorities.

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Regional School Mental Health Spotlight:

Click below to view specific school mental health activities led by our amazing MHTTCs! You can also click here for more information on each individual Center.


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