Mountain Plains MHTTC Identifies Region 8 Mental Health Training Needs

May 15, 2019

The Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center has conducted a mental health training and technical assistance needs assessment in March, 2019. The electronic survey was disseminated electronically to a myriad of individuals to include, but not limited to, the following groups:

  • A listserv developed for the Mountain Plains MHTTC
  • Single State Authority (SSA) offices
  • State Offices of Rural Health (SORHs)
  • Area Health Education Centers (AHECs)
  • Public Health Units in Region 8
  • Community Health Centers
  • Relevant Center for Rural Health contact lists

In the Report, results of the needs assessment are presented aggregately, by state, and by rural and urban areas. In general, the top five trainings needs were:

  1. Mental health and substance abuse co-occurring disorders (identified by 92% of respondents)
  2. Strength-based approaches to treatment (90%)
  3. Suicide prevention (90%)
  4. Crisis de-escalation (90%)

Results from this survey will help the Mountain Plains MHTTC staff better collaborate with providers and stakeholders throughout the region. Additionally, the survey results will inform the development of new products, training materials, and technical assistance requests. Read the Full Report!

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