Mountain Plains MHTTC: School Mental Health TA in Region 8

May 14, 2019

Schools are the cornerstones or rural communities and are often critical in addressing the mental health needs of students and their families. The Mountain Plains MHTTC collaborated with six schools in North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming in an initiative to promote positive mental health throughout the school day. Each school developed a Community of Practice that engaged in assessing their schools mental health prevention and promotion efforts followed by strategic planning for implementation of strategies using a multi-tiered approach for mental health promotion. While each strategic plan reflects the uniqueness of each school, examples of implementation strategies include training paraprofessionals and teachers in mental health literacy, implementing cafeteria and recess programs that support social and emotional learning and strategies for supporting students during challenging times of the school day. The Mountain Plains MHTTC will continue with technical assistance support as the schools implement their plans next fall. If your school is interested in taking part in the second initiative in the fall of 2019 please email [email protected]

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