School Mental Health Supports for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

April 5, 2022

On March 25, Dr. Eric Bruns of the University of Washington SMART Center and the Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center traveled to Poland with several colleagues from the United States to train students, volunteers, and schools on practical mental health responses for Ukrainian Refugees. 

According to Dr. Sharon Hoover, Co-Director, National Center for School Mental Health, who joined the team, they have translated and proofread more than 17 evidence-based, psychological training and triage documents into Polish, Ukrainian and Russian – approximately 1,143 pages of text—in less than three weeks. More than 27 translators, including many volunteers, from 7 different countries (Ukraine, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Mexico, Germany), in addition to people from the middle and both coasts of the United States, completed this work.

Between March 26 and April 5, they trained approximately 400 people (teachers, host families, volunteers, relief center workers, and Ukrainian mothers) via 18 unique events in 10 venues in Lublin, Firlej, and Warsaw, Poland, as well as 2 webinars for Polish host families. 

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Dr. Sharon Hoover, Co- Director, National Center for School Mental Health, describes the team’s mission in this video clip (segment begins at time point 1:44):



Listen to a podcast to hear Dr. Kira Mauseth describe the goals of the trip to Poland

Dr. Kira Mauseth discusses the upcoming trip with other colleagues to Poland where they will help with the Ukraine refugee crisis.  She is one of the developers of the Health Support Team, and she will help deliver train-the-trainer curriculum on disaster behavioral health response.  Hear how her experience in this field led to the development of this curriculum, and how she and colleagues take care of themselves out in the field and when they return home

Images from the Trip to Poland

Pictured: Drs. Eric Bruns and Sharon Hoover lead training sessions in Poland. Art by Ukrainian children who are seeking refuge in Poland.








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Eric in Poland
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