Engaging with Clients Over the Telephone and Using Texts

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Amid the current COVID-19 social distancing and stay at home orders many behavioral health providers have quickly shifted their primary interactions with clients to remote engagement. For some, this means using video conferencing software to simulate an in-person meeting. However, for many people access to a computer or tablet and reliable internet service is not available. For these individuals you may need to engage with them primarily, or solely, through the phone via voice calls or texts. This tool will provide information about strategies for quality engagement with clients using the phone. 


This guidance can be applied to your work during the COVID-19 public health emergency, as well as when engaging with clients who may live in remote, rural, and otherwise difficult to access areas. Please note that it is best to talk with your agency's administration to determine any potential issues or concerns with providing remote services, including, but not limited to, HIPAA compliance, reimbursement, and authorizations. 

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