Group CBTp by Teletherapy

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This recorded webinar discusses:

  • How is group CBTp different or the same via teletherapy?
  • What problems can arise and how to resolve them?
  • Does it work as well as in person?

Tania Lecomte headshotTania Lecomte, PhD, is Full Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Université de Montréal, senior researcher at the CR-IUSMM, and registered clinical psychologist. Dr. Lecomte has helped develop and validate assessment tools as well as several group interventions for individuals with severe mental illness (self-esteem enhancement group, CBT for psychosis, WITH – CBT for parents of individuals with psychosis, CBT for supported employment, CBT for romantic relationships in early psychosis, as well as mindfulness, acceptance and compassion groups). Some of these interventions are now being used across the globe. Dr. Lecomte has received several grants (CIHR) and salary awards over the years and has published more than 120 articles and published four books on CBT for psychosis or psychiatric rehabilitation (some in French).

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