Training and Supporting Healthcare Leadership during the COVID Pandemic | Published Article


The Northwest MHTTC was selected to publish an article in the National Coordinating Center for Public Health Training's October 2022 Elevate publication. This article, titled "Training and Supporting Healthcare Leadership during the COVID Pandemic," is authored by Christina Clayton, LICSW, SUDP, Kira Mauseth, Ph.D., Lydia Chwastiak, MD, MPH and Jonathan Olson, Ph.D.

Article Overview: The Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center developed resources for leaders in public health to support and train during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Provider Well-Being Initiative was created with two goals in mind: building strategies for individual self-care and assisting health and behavioral healthcare agencies in implementing well-being interventions for their organizations. Learn more about how Northwest MHTTC’s initiative helped leaders in public health tackle the specific hardships faced by leadership in public health and what tactics led to a 100% recommendation rate among participants.

Read our article here or view the entire October 2022 Elevate Publication.


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