Research, Reports, and Data on Farm Stress and Mental Health

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These resources provide information and data on topics related to farm stress and mental health including demographics, the agricultural workforce, the opioid crisis, suicide rates, health care professional shortages, disasters, and others.



Behavioral Health in Rural America: Challenges and Opportunities
This 2019 report describes the prevalence of behavioral health disorders among rural populations as well as the barriers associated with the provision of prevention, treatment, and recovery services. Following discussion of the need, the report presents rural models as well as policy options.

Behavioral Health Provider Geographic Distribution and Reimbursement Inequities
This cross-sectional study examines the relationship between reimbursement and behavioral health provider geographic distribution and seeks to understand how Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for behavioral health providers may limit service delivery.

Behavioral Health Service Provision by Primary Care Physicians
This project seeks to understand which behavioral health services primary care physicians currently provide for their clients and how often they do so.

The Census of Agriculture (2017)
The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who operate them. The survey is conducted once every five years and looks at land use and ownership, operator characteristics, production practices, and income and expenditures.

Data on Farm Suicide from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This website and the associated online resources provide recent data on suicide rates among various professions to include farmers, ranchers, and other occupational managers as well agricultural workers.

Improving the Mental Health of Rural People
The American Psychological Association has compiled recommendations to achieve health equity for rural and frontier populations and improve the mental health of rural people in response to a request for information from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Mental Health Professional Shortage Areas Map
This map shows mental health care professional shortages in the United States, with a higher score indicating greater need.

Migrant Workers in the U.S.: Harvesting Food, Building Healthy Communities
This 15-minute video is a product of the University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare. The school is engaging migratory and seasonal agricultural workers and providers who work with them to learn more about their perspectives on accessing healthcare, the barriers, facilitators, and motivators to healthcare access. Listen to them sharing more about their roles and lives in their own voice.

Migratory and Seasonal Agricultural Workers and Health Research
Health disparities affect the Latino population, including the 75% of migratory and seasonal agricultural workers (MSAWs) born outside of the United States. Involving them in the research process can lead to more reliable and valid research findings in areas important to them. Significant gaps in conducting patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) exist. This program’s solution is to connect existing networks; increase researchers’ and other key stakeholders’ knowledge of PCOR; and utilize various forums to discuss ideas, share results, and build partnerships for conducting PCOR. Work with MSAWs will occur in the Midwest. Researchers, providers, and funders will be engaged across the United States.

Pain in the Nation Update: Alcohol, Drug, and Suicide Deaths in 2018 
This report, provided by the Trust for America's Health details updated rates of deaths related to drugs, alcohol, and suicide for 2018. The report breaks down data by race, age, and regionally, including rural versus metropolitan areas.

Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub) Rural Mental Health Topics Page
Here you can access resources, current data, news, events, models and innovations, and funding opportunities specific to rural mental health.

Rural Health Research Gateway Mental and Behavioral Health Topic Page
The Rural Health Research Gateway is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. Gateway provides access to all of the research products of the federally-funded Rural Health Research Centers. Access all of their recent research on rural mental and behavioral health.

Rural, Remote, and Resilient: How to Build Better Outcomes Outside of America’s Cities
Developed by the Master of Public Health (MPH) online program from Baylor University's Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences, this product discusses health disparities between metro and non-metro counties and offers strategies on how to collaborate to foster better health results in rural areas.

Rural/Urban Disparities in the Utilization of Health and Behavioral Assessments/Interventions in the Fee-for-Service Medicare Population 
Developed by the Rural and Underserved Health Research Center, this brief compares the utilization of Health and Behavioral Assessments and Interventions (HBAI) services by Medicare recipients in rural and urban areas. The brief includes data on HBAI providers, service units, beneficiaries, and average utilization rate in rural and urban counties.

State Incentive Programs that Encourage Allied Health Professionals to Provide Care for Rural and Underserved Populations
This study describes allied health incentive programs at the state level as described during 30 semi-structured phone interviews with key informants from 27 states and information found online.

Who and How: Exploring the Preferred Senders and Channels of Mental Health Information for Wisconsin Farmers
This open access article, published October 2019 in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health presents the findings of a study exploring how best to share information with farmers on the topic of mental health, and who they think should be sharing this information with them.



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