Teacher and School Staff Wellness

Teachers need support that goes beyond self-care and boundary setting so they can continue to build trusting relationships and provide a positive classroom environment for their students. The following resources provide a variety of training, tools, and ideas to promote teacher and school staff wellness.


Adverse Childhood Experiences Connection

This website offers the opportunity for individuals to connect with people using trauma-informed/resilience-building practices and offers access to resources, webinars, and community conversations on trauma responsive practices, resilience, and mindfulness.

Edutopia offers resources to help implement six transformational strategies: project-based learning, social and emotional learning, comprehensive assessment, teacher development, integrated studies, and technology integration.

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
The Collaborative for Academic and Social Emotional Learning website provides many different resources related to self-care and social emotional learning, including a weekly webinar on wellness and self-care and social and emotional learning lessons for students.

Greater Goods Guide to Wellbeing During the Coronavirus 
Greater good Science Center provides many resources on stress and anxiety reduction as well as opportunities to connect with online communities.

Reach Out
The Reach Out website contains different online courses for students and teachers on dealing with stress, wellness, anxiety, and coping strategies as well as peer support forums.

Recruitment and Retention of School Mental Health Providers: Strategies and Key Resources
This report describes organizational and policy strategies to improve recruitment and retention of school mental health providers. Additionally, it identifies resources developed by reputable organizations to facilitate implementation of these strategies.

The RULER website has tips for managing anxiety as well as several live and recorded webinars on social emotional learning and self-regulation.

Thriving Schools
This website, through Kaiser Permanente, provides the tools and ideas to help create healthier school environments, build habits for healthy eating and active lifestyles, and support social and emotional well-being.


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