Be Our Lunch Date? A "Think Tank" Time: A Gathering of School Mental Health Practitioners to Surface School Mental Telehealth Needs and Resources

Be Our Lunch Date? A "Think Tank" Time: A Gathering of School Mental Health Practitioners to Surface School Mental Teleheath Needs and Resources


The Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center and the Pacific Southwest MHTTC are collaborating to bring you A "Think Tank" Time: A Gathering of School Mental Health Practitioners to Surface School Mental Teleheath Needs and Resources.

This event is part of The Well-Being Series - Connections During COVID-19: Mental Wellness Webinars for Families and Educators. Click here to learn more about our series of webinars for kids, parents, and educators, focusing on mental wellness and suicide prevention. 

Date: Friday, April 10th, 2020 - 12 - 1:15pm (PST) 


Hosts: The Northwest (Kelcey Schmitz) and Pacific Southwest MHTTCs (Leora Wolf-Prusan), Center on PBIS (Susan Barrett)


Description: For the past couple of months the Northwest and Pacific Southwest regions have been engaged in learning about the Interconnected Systems Framework - a structure and process to integrate PBIS and school mental health within school systems. This systems work is just as important now, as schools explore how to best provide school mental health, telehealth, and virtual student supports. 


Meeting Materials: 


Join us for a "think tank" workshop to identify the needs we are noticing; the resources in our field that can support those needs; and ways we can  develop tools and supports to fill the gaps. Some of the questions we can work through together may be: 


  1. How might we support educators, mental health providers, and clinicians with engaging children, youth, and families who live in extreme poverty or rural areas?
  2. How do we know if our students are okay? (e.g. how to identify students in distress at home, and what to do when they signal or ask for help; how to support students experiencing neglect or domestic violence)
  3. How might we partner with family navigators to support our students?
  4. How do we approach telehealth through an MTSS lens? (e.g. the difference between checking in with all students -universal - and providing mental health interventions - intensive)
  5. How do we provide student support services via telehealth in teams? How do we utilize teams already in place (e.g. PBIS, ISF) to provide telehealth?
  6. How might we acknowledge our commitment to mental health for all and translate that commitment to the current context?
  7. How might we stick to best practices during this period?
  8. How might we identify protective factors within our community?
  9. How might we set up small teams of people to build supports for one another? 
  10. How does implicit bias impact our rules for virtual student supports and tele school mental health?


Audience: Educators, school counselors, social workers, psychologists; behavioral health agencies; student support services; state education entities; county Offices of Education; community-based organizations; technical assistance providers; field specialists, professors, thought leaders; and anyone else who would like to join.


Note: This is intended to be a work group, so we are limiting the session to 100 participants. Participation is first come, first served. While we’re focused on the Pacific Southwest and Northwest regions, we welcome anyone to the think tank.

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