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Portrayal of Mental Health and Gun Violence in the Media

11:00am - June 7, 2023 thru 12:30pm - June 7, 2023 | Timezone: US/Eastern
Central East MHTTC
Registration Deadline: June 7, 2023
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This webinar will provide an overview of myths and stereotypes about the relationship between mental health and gun violence that are commonly portrayed in television, film and news media. The session dispels these myths, exploring how their persistence over time has contributed to mental health stigma, impacting individuals with lived experiences, their families, and society. The presentation will close with a discussion of efforts to mitigate these impacts.



  • Develop awareness of common myths and stereotypes about mental health and its association with gun violence as depicted in historical and contemporary media
  • Recognize the nuanced association between mental health and gun violence
  • Identify the potential impact of media representations on individuals, families, and society
  • Develop awareness of current efforts to assess and reduce the stigmatization of mental health through the media, including advocacy opportunities



Monica Calkins, PhDMonica E. Calkins, PhD, is the Co-director of HeadsUp, a collaborating organization whose mission is to help end the stigma around psychosis through education, advocacy, and support. In this role, she oversees outreach, education, training and coordinated specialty care program evaluation and fidelity. HeadsUp promotes early intervention centered around personalized, accessible, and effective care for all people in Pennsylvania. She is also Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Her research and clinical work focuses on early identification and intervention in psychotic disorders. She has authored more than 190 scholarly publications in this area. Dr. Calkins earned a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University. She earned a doctorate in Clinical Science and Psychopathology Research from the University of Minnesota and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania before joining its faculty.



Mental health professionals, General public