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Mejorando el bienestar emocional de estudiantes hispanos y latinxs durante la pandemia de COVID-19: Recomendaciones para personal escolar y cuidadores

Este producto describe las emociones y sus manifestaciones de los niños y adolescentes hispanos durante la pandemia de COVID-19. Además, el

Improving the Emotional Well-Being of Latinx Students Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic: Tips for School Personnel and Caregivers

This factsheet describes the main emotions experienced by Hispanic and Latino children and adolescents and their manifestations during the COVID

Webinar: The Emerging Role of Mental Health Professionals in the Immigration Field

Immigration has a significant impact on many aspects of life in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, there were 44.8 million

Latinos and Suicide: A Clinician’s Guide to Prevention and Treatment Masterclass IV

This clinicians’ guide addresses one of the largest cultural groups in the United States today, persons of Latin American ancestry commonly