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Spirituality, Faith, and Religion: Creating a Time and Space for Connection, Wellness, and Hope for Health Care Providers - Session 1

People define their spirituality, faith, and religion as being a process involving growth, addressing existential questions about meaning and

EPLC | Enhancing Wellbeing in Health Care Providers: Mindfulness and Acceptance Practices

As part of our series focused on “Addressing Stress-Related Mental Health Consequences of the Pandemic in Health Care Workers”, this workshop

EPLC | Understanding and Treating Psychosis and Other Mental Illnesses in the Context of Asian Cultures and Anti-Asian Racism

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. For many Asian Americans, Asian cultures have shaped their explanatory models of health including

Beyond Self-Care: Organizational Strategies and Practices for Supporting Employee Well-Being - A List of Practical Resources

Organizational well-being is often misunderstood as “self-care.” The COVID-19 pandemic has affected organizations and employees in myriad ways

Supporting BIPOC Community College Students through Summer & Beyond

Many community college students juggle competing work and family demands, and as many as half experience mental health conditions. At the same

Supporting BIPOC Community College Students through Summer & Beyond - Resource List

Resource list for the Supporting BIPOC Community College Students through Summer & Beyond convening held on May 6, 2021.

Supporting the Educational Success, Wellness & Careers of Latinx Students A Conversation about Building Puentes/Bridges Cultivating Cultural and Community Knowledge

Learning Points Hear from Latinx panelists how their cultural knowledge helped transform challenging lived experiences into careers “making a

C-TLC | Giving Youth the Tools to Advocate for their Mental Well-Being

In this virtual event, experts from the New England MHTTC for a special session designed to help middle and high school students—and the adults