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Stress Management During Quarantine for Mental Health Providers Serving Latino Clients

This webinar will identify stressors particular to the Hispanic and Latino population that can be exacerbated during quarantine as a result of

Suicide Attempts Among Latina Adolescents: The State of Knowledge

This webinar reviews the state of knowledge on suicide attempts by adolescent Latinas who have reported higher-than-average rates over the past

Trauma Affect Regulation: Guide for Education and Therapy: EBI for Hispanic/Latino Communities

On this webinar, the developer of a therapeutic intervention for adults, youth, and families who are experiencing behavioral health problems

The experience of being a non-Latino mental health professional who works with Latino patients

This presentation, by a non-Latino clinician who has worked extensively in Spanish and with Latino patients, integrates available research on

Hispanic Heritage Month is Over, Now What Unpacking What it Means to Work with Latinx Clients

Every year we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and make strides to helping the broader U.S. society learn more about Hispanics as a group. This

Substance Use Disorder Services In The Days Of A Pandemic: You're Going To Need A Bigger Boat! Part 2

This presentation by Sheila Weix, MSN, RN, CARN was recorded on April 1, 2020 and is a follow-up to her PART 1 presentation released on March 20

Mental Health Resources for K-12 Educators During COVID-19

In response to the recent pandemic (COVID-19), several national organizations and associations have shared and promoted resources to assist K-12