Supporting the Mental Health of Refugee and Asylee Communities: A 2-part Panel Series

About the Panel Series:

The MHTTC Building Health Equity & Cultural Responsiveness Working Group (BHE+CRWG) provides guidance and identifies, adapts, and develops resources to support all MHTTCs and their constituents in enhancing their awareness, knowledge, and expertise to address cultural and linguistic capacity to achieve equity. Currently, the BHE+CRWG is focusing its efforts on bringing awareness to the mental health needs of asylum seekers and refugee populations. Recognizing and appropriately responding to mental health needs among asylum seekers and refugees poses a challenge because of differences in language, culture, as well as specific stressors and trauma associated with migration and resettlement. In addition to the need for culturally responsive approaches, we also lack the workforce capacity to adequately support these populations. These exponential effects challenge leaders trying to mitigate mental health conditions within our newfound community members.
Through our 2-part panel series, Supporting the Mental Health of Refugee and Asylee Communities, we aim to: 

  • Raise awareness about relevant mental health needs of asylum seekers and refugee populations through highlighting their voices and stories.
  • Share best practices and strategies with providers and organizations using contextual and system-level perspectives. 
  • Differentiate between a cultural knowledge-base and culturally responsive approaches.

Sessions are 90 minutes and took place LIVE on June 23 and June 24. Certificates of completion will be made available to viewers of 50% (45 minutes) or more of the live sessions. CEUs are not available for these sessions. Please note that both sessions were recorded and are now available for free access below. Questions? Reach out to Jessica Gonzalez at [email protected].

Session Information:

Supporting the Mental Health of Refugee and Asylee Communities: Voices and Stories
Thursday, June 23, 2022 


      Supporting the Mental Health of Refugee and Asylee Communities: Systems and Strategies
Friday, June 24, 2022


Learn About Our Panelists:

Our team lined up a diverse panel for this special 2-part series. Access all speaker bios here

Additional Resources:

The MHTTC Network developed a compilation of MHTTC and external resources that may be utilized to support the mental health of refugees and asylum seekers. Check out the resource compilation here.

speaker lineup