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Supporting the Mental Health of Refugee and Asylee Communities: Voices and Stories
Collaborating TTC: Global MHTTC
June 29, 2022

This session is part of the 2-part panel series, Supporting the Mental Health of Refugee and Asylee Communities, with which we aim to raise awareness about relevant mental health needs of asylum seekers and refugee populations by highlighting their voices and stories; share best practices and strategies with providers and organizations using contextual and system-level perspectives; and differentiate between a cultural knowledge-base and culturally responsive approaches.

In this first session in the series, a community panel led by individuals with lived experience share about their refugee/asylee journey. The learning objectives for this session are below:

  • Raise awareness of the mental health needs of refugee and asylee communities
  • Identify the impact of loss, trauma and grief on mental health as people experience the migration process.
  • Develop culturally responsive, trauma-informed services and supports.

Access the recording for this session by clicking on the "VIEW RESOURCE" button above. Slides for this session are available here. For access to more information about this series, including speaker bios, visit the series landing page here.

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