The Coming Out Process for Latinx Queer Communities and Mental Health Considerations


The current webinar aims to overview the “coming out” process for Latinx communities. Specifically, the webinar will contextualize the “coming out” process within the minority stress framework and the intersection of racism and heterosexism. Subsequently, the webinar will discuss common stressors associated with disclosing one’s sexual minority identity. Finally, the webinar will provide insight into how Latinx cultural values and “coming out” impact identity development.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the “coming out” process for Latinx individuals within the context of the minority stress framework and systems of oppression (i.e., racism and heterosexism).

Identify common stressors (e.g., mental health concerns) associated with “coming out” for Latinx individuals.

Discuss how Latinx cultural values intersect with “coming out” for Latinx communities and identity development.

Dr. David G. Zelaya (he/him/él) is an Assistant Professor (Research) at Brown University School of Public Health (SPH) within the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies (CAAS), Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences and a research fellow at Harvard Medical School within the Department of Psychiatry. His research program examines health disparities, from an intersectionality and minority stress lens, among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and sexual and gender minority communities and links to HIV risk, mental health, and substance use. Clinically, he is interested in providing culturally competent behavioral health services to historically underserved communities (e.g., Spanish-speaking Latinx people; sexual and gender diverse people). Dr. Zelaya received his Ph.D. from Georgia State University in counseling psychology, he was a psychology resident at Harvard Medical School's Cambridge Hospital (part of the Latinx Mental Health Program, the Gender and Sexuality Clinic, and the Psychiatric Emergency Service). He completed his fellowship within the Alcohol Research Center on HIV (ARCH) and CAAS at Brown SPH. 

July 27, 2023
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