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Facilitating Recovery

Larry Davidson, NE-MHTTC director, on collaborating to address co-occurring disorders.
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Our new Person-centered Recovery Planning Learning Collaborative is now taking applications.
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Accessing Behavioral Health

Tony Martin, organizer of "Conversations with Millennials of Color" forum, discussed connecting young men of color with mental health services.
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Starting Nov. 14, Larry Davidson will be leading a 4-part webinar series on Principles and Practices of Recovery-Oriented Care.
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New England MHTTC

The core mission of the New England MHTTC is to use evidence-based means to disseminate evidence-based practices across the region. The region consists of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. To ensure the responsiveness of our work, we will actively develop and maintain a network of government officials, policy makers, administrators, and community stake-holders, providers, researchers, youth and adults, and family members from each of the six states to guide New England MHTTC activities.


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Conversations with Millennial Men of Color: Accessing Behavioral Health

group of people sitting together discussing work

Person-Centered Recovery Planning Learning Collaborative (PRCP)




Introduction to Children’s System of Care

The System of Care (SOC) is a comprehensive spectrum of mental health, behavioral health and other


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