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Putting It Together: Wisdom to Know the Difference for Supervisors | Podcast
February 25, 2022


From a Supervisory perspective, Rebekah Demirel of Trauma Integration Programs, discusses how we can view decision-making through a trauma-informed lens and explore our own personal history, psycho-neuro patterns, and habitual thought processes to build new decision making paths and lead a team from the heart.


Rebekah Demirel

Image of Rebekah DemirelRebekah Demirel L.Ac. MPCC, is the founder and director of Trauma Integration Programs, with more than a decade as an ambulance paramedic, twenty-two years as a paramedic trainer, eighteen years of mental health counseling experience, specializing in traumatic stress, and she is a licensed East Asian medicine practitioner and acupuncturist. Rebekah’s unique skill set and experience are informed by her own traumatic childhood and teen years spent on the street and in the foster care system, giving her a special familiarity and empathy for trauma and loss. 




Christina N. Clayton, LICSW, SUDP, Northwest MHTTC Co-Director

NW Clayton

Christina Clayton has been working in the behavioral health field since 1993 working with people and programs addressing severe mental health issues, substance use, co-occurring issues, chronic homelessness, integrated care, outreach, physical health, trauma and diversity/equity/inclusion topics. Christina has education and licenses/credentials in clinical social work, mental health and substance use.  She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor and Field Instructor for the University of Washington School of Social Work (MSW ’97).  Learn more about MHTTC Staff & Faculty




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