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Honor National Hispanic Heritage Month with resources from our Region 9 and National MHTTC!

Publication Date: Oct 03, 2022

From September 15 to October 15, we observe National Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating the contributions of Hispanic and Latino people in the United States. As we honor the achievements of Latinos—including those who identify as Afro-Latino, Black, Indigenous, and more—we invite you to check out resources developed by the PS MHTTC that may be particularly relevant to Latino and Hispanic communities.

In the coming weeks, join us in lifting up the mental health experiences of this diverse community by digging into information, resources, and events meant to improve access to effective, culturally responsive behavioral health services!


Hispanic Heritage Month

Relevant Resources from the MHTTC National Coordinating Office

For Hispanic Heritage Month, the MHTTC Network’s National Coordinating Office has collected relevant resources, upcoming events, and more on a single landing page.


Resources for the Mental Health Workforce Serving Agricultural Workers in Pacific Southwest SAMHSA Region 9

Designed for those who support agricultural workers’ mental health, this curated list of resources includes relevant webinars, podcasts, publications, and online resources.


Mitigating Distress and Maximizing Supports for Refugees from War

By bringing together speakers with lived experience of war, this panel offers strategies for school mental health leaders as they work with individuals who have survived wars and are navigating resulting traumas.


Culturally Responsive and Socially Distanced Suicide Prevention: Safety Planning and Other Resources in Pandemic Times

This recorded webinar presentation addresses evidence-based strategies for suicide prevention. The presentation pays particular attention to elevated suicide rates among various populations, including Latina youth and young adults.



The Needs and Joys of our (Im)migrant* Students, Families, and Community Partners

Needs and Joys of Our (Im)migrant Students Series: Session 1

This initial session of a three-part series offers a strengths-based introduction to experiences that impact many (im)migrant and Latinx students.


• • • • •

Needs and Joys of Our (Im)migrant Students Series: Session 2

The second session of the series addresses how to develop trauma-sensitive school environments that contain sustainable support systems.


• • • • •

Needs and Joys of Our (Im)migrant Students Series: Session 3

This final session of the series outlines programs for addressing students’ trauma—such as Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools and Community Building Circles—and highlights cultural adaptations to these programs.