Hispanic Heritage Month

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From September 15 to October 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration that honors the cultural contributions and identities of Hispanic and Latino people in the United States. This month, we shed light on the multitude of mental health experiences within Hispanic and Latino communities, including those who identify as Afro-Latino, Black, Indigenous, and more, as well as the disproportionate inequities they face due to systemic barriers and historical adversity.

Our collaborative Network of 13 Centers is inclusive of a national population-focused Center, the National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC. Their mission is to provide high-quality training and technical assistance to improve the capacity of the workforce serving Hispanic and Latino communities in behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery. They disseminate and support the implementation of evidence-based and promising practices to enhance service delivery, promote the growth of a diverse, culturally competent workforce, and bridge access to quality behavioral health services with a commitment to increasing health equity and access to effective culturally and linguistically grounded approaches.

For more information, visit their home page and view their free and easily accessible resources. Our hope is to inspire others to raise awareness and take part in sharing information, resources, and support for the mental health of Hispanic and Latino communities.

In addition to the National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC, our other MHTTCs provide services and develop resources specific to Hispanic and Latino populations. For a full list of all resources from our Network, visit our Training and Events Calendar and Products and Resources Catalog and utilize the keyword and search functions to find resources that fit your needs.

Upcoming MHTTC Events

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Asylum-Seeking Children and Families and the Effects of Immigration, Detention, and Separation




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#Healthy Latinos Bilingual Twitter Chat: Better Health Through Better Understanding





september 21


Culturally Responsive Training to Practitioners: Reducing Mental Health Disparities among Hispanics and Latinos




MHTTC Resources

Other Organizations Offering Awareness Resources for the Hispanic and Latino Community:

HHS Office of Minority Mental Health (OMH)

Mental Health America (MHA) - BIPOC Mental Health Month Toolkit en español

Mental Health America (MHA) - Latinx/Hispanic Communities and Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

SAMHSA Office of Behavioral Health Equity