Classroom WISE Technical Assistance Opportunity: Request for Applications

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DEADLINE EXTENDED: January 24, 2023 at 8pm Eastern Time

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The Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) Network and the National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH) invite schools and school districts to apply to participate in an opportunity focused on implementing (helping schools adopt and use) our educator mental health literacy training package, Classroom WISE (Well-Being Information and Strategies for Educators), during the Spring 2023 term.


Classroom WISE Overview

Educators and school personnel can play a vital role in promoting mental health and well-being and identifying and responding to mental health challenges in children and adolescents. However, they often have not received the education, training, and/or ongoing support needed to respond in the classroom. To address this need, the MHTTC Network, in partnership with NCSMH, has released a three-part package of a free online course, high impact video series, and website with a resource collection, all focused on educator mental health literacy. Classroom WISE is informed by and co-developed with educators from across the nation. The package presents concrete, universal approaches to promoting student mental health and creating safe and supportive classroom environments, describe student behaviors that may indicate a mental health concern, and provide specific skills and strategies to engage and support students with mental health concerns.


Classroom WISE School Technical Assistance Opportunity

We're inviting 20 schools and school districts across the US to help us understand what types of assistance they need to help schools adopt Classroom WISE (e.g., how many school personnel complete the online course and access the materials on our website, and how the skills and materials in Classroom WISE are used in practice).

A small leadership team from each participating school/district will receive, at no cost, an orientation webinar, a written guide about Classroom WISE, an individual facilitation meeting with Classroom WISE developers who are national school mental health experts, and an invitation to participate in two virtual community of practice sessions. All leadership teams will be asked to complete baseline and follow-up surveys. Half of the selected schools/districts will also receive a planning support session to develop an implementation plan for Classroom WISE in your school/district.


Note: If you are part of a leadership team, you will receive a $10 gift card if you complete the baseline or follow-up leadership teams survey.


Why Participate in the Classroom WISE School Technical Assistance Opportunity

  • Improve your school’s ability to support students with mental health challenges: Through this opportunity, your school personnel will be better equipped with strategies to promote student mental health and support students experiencing adversity, distress, and mental health challenges in the classroom. A detailed list of learning objectives is available here.
  • Utilize content to improve access to school mental health services: Participating schools will learn how to integrate course content into their existing policies and practices to improve access to mental health prevention, promotion, and intervention services and supports in their local schools and districts.
  • Be on the cutting edge of school mental health practice: Mental health literacy strategies shown in the course, high impact video series, and resource collection on the Classroom WISE website are on the cutting edge of school mental health practice. By implementing these strategies, project participants are interested in being leaders of this work to elevate school mental health across the United States and territories. 
  • Give tips to and learn from other schools across the country: By participating in this opportunity and sharing best practices learned through this implementation process, your feedback will help us successfully disseminate Classroom WISE to schools nationwide, increasing their ability to use the strategies from Classroom WISE to be aware of and respond to mental health challenges in their schools.


NOTE: If this opportunity is not the right fit for you, please visit our website to locate your regional MHTTC, the National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC, or the National American Indian and Alaska Native MHTTC, and contact them for more information.


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