COVID-19 Vaccine Information

People with mental illness, especially severe mental illness, are at higher risk for worse COVID-19 outcomes. The following events and resources support discussing COVID-19 vaccines with patients.

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Upcoming MHTTC Events 

motivationalJune 9 

Motivational Interviewing for COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy | New England MHTTC

There are enough COVID-19 vaccines for everyone in the United States, but some people aren't quite sure yet if they are ready to get one. Dr. Emily Kline will teach you to use skills from an evidence-based approach called motivational interviewing to have more successful conversations about COVID-19 vaccines in this webinar.



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June 11ask a peer

Ask a Peer: COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A for Youth and Families| New England MHTTC 

Young people who have experienced psychosis and their families may have unanswered questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. With walk-in vaccine appointments now available across Massachusetts, this panel of early psychosis peer specialists and local vaccine experts are here to share their experiences. Join the New England MHTTC for a presentation and open conversation on the COVID-19 vaccine, equity, and mental health.


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MHTTC Resources 



Mind the Brain: Vaccine Hesitancy in the Time of COVID-19

Mind the Brain is a weekly podcast series, featuring faculty experts from the University of Colorado’s Department of Psychiatry located in the School of Medicine, discussing mental health topics in the time of COVID-19. In this episode, Dr. Neill Epperson, and Dr. Chad Morris discuss why some Americans may be hesitant to get COVID-19 vaccines, and strategies for effectively addressing concerns related to new vaccines. To learn more, access the resource below. 





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Resources from Other Organizations 


American Psychiatric Association

APA Coronavirus Resources

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American Psychological Association

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American Society of Addiction Medicine

COVID-19 Vaccination and Addiction Treatment

Center of Disease Control and Prevention

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How to talk to your patients about COVID-19 vaccination

Mental Health America

Coping with COVID-19 Vaccine Anxiety

Dealing with COVID-19 Vaccine Anxiety

National Alliance on Mental Illness

COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

Live Radio Show Discussing the Vaccine and the Impact of the Pandemic on Mental Health

Vaccine Science: A History of Distrust and Discrimination for People with Mental Illness

National Association of Social Workers

Social Workers and the COVID-19 Vaccine

National Council for Mental Wellbeing

COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar Series - 1

COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar Series - 2

National Training & Technical Assistance Center for Child, Youth, Family Mental Health

Clinical Practice & Health Care: 5 Things to know right now about vaccines for COVID-19 (Feb 2021)

Office on Women's Health - U.S Department of Health and Human Services

Sex Differences in Vaccine Immune Response

Rural Health Information Hub

COVID-19 Vaccination in Rural Areas

SMI Adviser

How to Talk About the COVID-19 Vaccines with Individuals Who Have Serious Mental Illness (SMI)


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