Trauma-Informed Decision-Making for Mental Health Professionals

This 90-minute webinar will discuss decision-making through a trauma-informed lens.


Life can be complicated and there may be times we feel overwhelmed by the many choices and decisions we are faced with. Sometimes it’s hard to know what direction to go and that can just add to our level of stress. Rebekah Demirel brings us Wisdom To Know The Difference viewing our decision-making through a trauma-informed lens, inviting us to explore our own personal history, psycho-neuro patterns and habitual thought processes. Through discovering roots of our thoughts and actions, applying nervous system healing techniques, we bring fresh awareness and mental health resilience to our everyday life, making it possible to build new decision-making paths towards a more stable and dependable foundation of clarity and heart, as well as the ability to carry this resilience into our practice as mental health professionals.  


Learning Objectives: 

  • Apply a trauma-informed lens to recognize personal decision-making patterns 
  • Cultivate self-evaluation to notice personal decision making styles and develop greater mental health resilience  
  • Define and apply broader perspectives how decisions are made 



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Rebekah Demirel, R.Ac., L.Ac. MPCC

Rebekah Demirel is the founder of Trauma Integration Programs, providing training and support to social services personnel, medical and education professionals, emergency services teams and corporate organizations for more than twenty years. Her background includes fourteen years as a BC Ambulance paramedic, twenty-two years as a paramedic trainer and over two decades as a registered clinical counsellor, specializing in post-traumatic stress and loss. She is a licensed East Asian medicine practitioner and acupuncturist, generating another depth of understanding to her counselling work. Rebekah’s unique skill set and experience is informed by her own traumatic childhood and teen years spent on the street and in the foster care system, giving her a special familiarity and empathy for trauma and loss. Rebekah continues to be an active volunteer and advocate for people who are unhoused, in her community and beyond.  


Starts: Jun 23, 2023 9:00 am
Ends: Jun 23, 2023 10:30 am
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June 23, 2023
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Webinar/Virtual Training
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