Farm & Ranch Stress, and COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed additional stress on farmers and ranchers, harming financial stability and increasing isolation. These resources consider the impact of COVID-19 specifically on the mental health of the agricultural community.

COVID-19 Crisis Puts Pressure On Farmers' Mental Health

Side Effects Public Media address the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on America's farmers as they face additional stress and financial instability. Mental health advocates worry about the effects the pandemic will have on farmers and their families, including the potential for increased suicides and post-traumatic stress disorder.

COVID-19 Fallout Hits Farmers

This article from the American Psychological Association highlights the delayed but serious toll on mental health that COVID-19 has placed on farm families.

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Access slide decks and recordings of Mountain Plains MHTTC’s previous training series.

Farmer Stress

The American Psychological Association and Farm Aid have teamed up on this resource describing stressor affecting U.S. farmers, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes a video conversation about farmer stress and links to resources on managing stress, seeking help, and resources for mental health providers.

Mental Health in Rural America

This Youtube video from American Farm Bureau Federation, in partnership with Farm Credit and National Farmers Union, raises mental health awareness while working to reduce stigma related to seeking treatment. 

Resources for Farmers Affected by COVID-19

Farm Aid has created a list of resources for farmers affected by COVID-19 including information on food safety, mental health, state resources, and financial assistance.

Telehealth Resources During COVID-19

Recognizing that many providers are new to offering mental health care via telehealth, and that rural providers may face unique challenges, the Mountain Plains MHTTC have developed products, trainings, and resource lists to assist in the transition.


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