LEARN® Saves Lives Suicide Prevention Training for Parents/Caregivers, followed by Q&A Session with Suicide Prevention Experts

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The School Mental Health supplement is partnering with Forefront Suicide Prevention & the University of Washington SMART Center to bring the LEARN® Saves Lives Suicide Prevention Training for Parents/Caregivers directly to you in your own home, free of charge. 

Developed by Forefront, the five simple and effective Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN® steps empower individuals to help others move in the direction of hope, recovery, and survival.

*The LEARN® Saves Lives Suicide Prevention Training is part of The Well-Being Series - Connections During COVID-19: Mental Wellness Webinars for Families and Educators. Click here to learn more about our series of webinars for kids, parents, and educators, focusing on mental wellness and suicide prevention

Stay connected imageWHAT IT IS: Forefront Suicide Prevention Center's LEARN® Saves Lives webinar teaches essential skills for suicide prevention. Join us to learn how to: 

  • Make your home safer to prevent the risk of suicide
  • Ask your kid about suicide in a safe way
  • Recognize the signs of a mental health crisis and practical steps to address it


Access the event flyer here

Learn more about Forefront and the LEARN® Saves Lives curriculum here





We're all adapting to a New Normal. Coronavirus has changed our jobs, our homes, our kids' schooling. And every parent is trying to adjust, to manage their changed work situation and changed home situation. We're all worried. None of know what's coming next. 

And nor do our kids. 

While we wrestle with how best to manage our changed day-to-day logistics and lives, our children are wrestling with the same things. And doing it without what keeps them grounded: school, sports, band or orchestra practice, theater, engineering club, physical contact with friends. In addition, high schools are worrying about what it means for their studies, their college applications, or their high school graduation. 

We know that suicide rates increase at times of stress, disconnection, and loss of purpose -- and our kids are experiencing all of these right now. So now, more than ever, it's critical for parents to understand the basics of suicide prevention. 


LEARN® Saves Lives Suicide Prevention Training for Parents & Caregivers will be hosted by Dr. Jennifer Stuber, co-founder and Director of Forefront Suicide Prevention Center at University of Washington and Dr. Chris DeCou, All Patients Safe Fellow at Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center. 

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