Past Topics of National Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Virtual Consultation Meetings

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2024 Topics

Being Too Assertive or Not Assertive Enough: Navigating an Important but Challenging Space within ACT (2/5/24)

April 1, 2024

June 3, 2024


August 5, 2024


2023 Topics

Psychosis REACH: A CBT-informed Care Approach for Families and Caregivers (2/6/23)

What is the Role of Peer Supporters When It Comes to Psych Meds? (4/3/23)

Tools and Strategies for Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBT-p) within ACT Teams (6/5/23)

Establishing Benchmarks for ACT Practice: An Introduction to Findings from the National ACT Study of Program Fidelity (8/7/23)

The Role of Families and Natural Supports on Mitigating Loneliness and other Negative Outcomes (10/2/23)

  • The Role of Families and Natural Supports on Mitigating Loneliness and other Negative Outcomes with Bette Stewart, Training Specialist for the Evidence-Based Practice Center at University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
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Building Engagement and Understanding through the ACT Comprehensive Assessment

2022 Topics

Forensic ACT (FACT) Panel Discussion (2/7/22)

Cognitive Behavioral Social Skills Training (CBSST) (3/7/22)

Risk Assessment and Management in the Context of ACT, Part 1 (5/2/22)

Principles and Practices of Risk Assessment: Introducing the Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START), Part 2 (6/6/22)

Achieving ACT Program Fidelity in a Pre- and Post-Pandemic Era (8/1/22)

The Role of the ACT Nurse (10/3/22)

  • The Role of the ACT Nurse: Using the DACUM process to define ACT RN competencies and to develop a robust onboarding and professional development curriculum with Paula Gubrud-Howe EdD, RN CHSE, ANEF, FAAN; Heidi Herinckx, MA.
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What Your ACT Daily Team Meeting May Reveal About Overall Practice (12/5/22)

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