2021 Virtual Roundtable Series: Community-Based Organizations Build Pathways to Behavioral Health Equity for Communities of Color: Part 2- Partnering to Strengthen the Behavioral Health Infrastructure and Capacity in Communities of Color

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More than ever before, the behavioral health services provided by community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve racially/ethnically diverse communities are essential to support the recovery and healing of the people most impacted by COVID-19. Current funding approaches are challenging to navigate. Oftentimes, it is even more difficult for CBOs that don’t have the infrastructure to respond to these opportunities to sustain their work.

Foundations and government agencies are recognizing the importance of funding with flexibility so that CBOs can effectively serve racially/ethnically diverse communities. Funders are establishing relationships with CBOs to drive effective solutions for these communities, while also looking inward to implement changes in their practices and policies. This includes inviting CBOs to provide input on application processes, simplifying the criteria and fields in requests for proposals (RFPs), and ensuring a faster turnaround time to get funds to CBOs.

View this pre-recorded NNED Virtual Roundtable to consider new ways to tap into philanthropic and governmental funding to meet the behavioral health needs of racially/ethnically diverse communities. Behavioral health-focused CBOs will share how they are leveraging funding opportunities and their successful partnerships with funders — how they were created, cultivated, and grown before and during the pandemic. 


  • Understand how both funders and CBOs are responding to disparities in funding and behavioral health services within the current context of COVID-19.
  • Learn about unique funding partnerships between government agencies/foundations with CBOs serving diverse racial/ethnic communities and underserved populations.
  • Identify fiscal challenges and solutions related to behavioral health services faced by CBOs, including billing and reimbursements.

Access the resources and recording here.

November 5, 2021
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