A Framework for Whole-Person Care in Behavioral Health | Recorded Webinar



This 75-webinar provides an overview of selected content from the SAMHSA toolkit Whole-Person Care for People Experiencing Homelessness and Opioid Use Disorder.  

This is the first webinar of a 2-part series. The Whole-Person Care for People Experiencing Homelessness and Opioid Use Disorder toolkit, released by SAMHSA in August 2021, provides an overview of homelessness, opioid use disorder, and the core elements of a whole-person care framework. We will explore what it means to be person-centered, trauma-informed, recovery-oriented, racially equitable, non-stigmatizing, housing-focused, peer-integrated, and self-compassionate in our work. This whole-person care framework is relevant for people working in all aspects of behavioral health care. 

Learning Objectives

You will be able to:

  • Name 4 elements of the spirit of whole-person care
  • Describe 3 ways to "befriend the emotional brain" in using a trauma-informed approach
  • Name the 4 agreements of "courageous conversations"


Our facilitators always make reference to great resources during sessions.  Find their lists below. 



Ken Kraybill 

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Ken Kraybill, MSW, Senior Trainer, has worked in healthcare, behavioral health, homelessness and housing for more than 35 years. He has 18 years of experience working as a behavioral health practitioner in homeless services. For the past two decades, Ken has been developing curricula and facilitating in-person and online training on topics including motivational interviewing, trauma-informed practice, trauma-informed supervision, outreach and engagement, case management, critical time intervention, and resiliency and renewal for care providers.


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