Illness Management and Recovery: Self-Management Program Providing Psychoeducation, Relapse Planning, Coping and Social Skills Training, and Approaches for Medication Management

Recovery from SMI has been studied and documented by researchers, practitioners, and individuals with lived experience around the world and across time. Recovery is real. Recovery can be supported by practices and services that encourage participant engagement, community inclusion, valued social roles, and overall wellness. This webinar series will introduce you to recovery from SMI and many of the evidence-based and promising practices that support recovery. This session focuses on illness management and recovery.


This webinar covers the following objectives:

  • Learn what IMR is and its relation to recovery
  • Become familiar with IMR contents and core values
  • Identify goal-setting strategies
  • Review strategies for IMR clinicians
    • Motivational, educational, cognitive-behavioral


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Illness Management and Recovery SAMHSA Toolkit

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