Listening to Voices of Lived Experience in Recovery | Recorded Webinar



This 75-webinar features a facilitated panel conversation among individuals in recovery from mental health and substance use challenges.

This is the second webinar of a 2-part series. The panelists will address questions related to the recovery process, the impact of trauma on recovery, posttraumatic growth, dealing with stigma and racial discrimination, harm reduction, and what they’d like behavioral health practitioners to consider in supporting recovery. They will also take questions from the audience.


Our facilitators always make reference to great resources during sessions.  Find their lists below. 



Ken Kraybill 

Kraybill headshot

Ken Kraybill, MSW, Senior Trainer, has worked in healthcare, behavioral health, homelessness and housing for more than 35 years. He has 18 years of experience working as a behavioral health practitioner in homeless services. For the past two decades, Ken has been developing curricula and facilitating in-person and online training on topics including motivational interviewing, trauma-informed practice, trauma-informed supervision, outreach and engagement, case management, critical time intervention, and resiliency and renewal for care providers.




Racquel Garcia, CEO, HardBeauty










Steven Samra, MPA, Senior Associate, C4 Innovations







Joel “JC” Smith, CPRS, VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System









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