Navajo Peacemaking: An Indigenous Restorative Justice Practice

The National AI/AN Childhood Trauma TSA, Category II, and National AI/AN MHTTC K-12 School Mental Health Program invite you to learn about the philosophy and practice of Navajo Peacemaking as it is practiced on Diné Bikéyah. Navajo Peacemaking was used by Diné for millennia so that numerous beings could coexist in peace. Learn the process and components of Navajo Peacemaking and how it centers Diné knowledge and teachings. Navajo Peacemaking can be applied to resolve conflict, restore balance and wellness, respond to and heal trauma, and achieve Hózhó, the Diné philosophy of harmony, in various settings. Consider the use of Indigenous restorative justice practices with Indigenous populations to resolve conflict and maintain harmony.

June 19, 2023
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